Translation: None (unnamed technique).

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: None.

Hand Seals: None.

Rank: None.

Description: This unnamed Ninjutsu technique is a Hiden known by select members of the Aburame Clan. These members carry microscopic size poisonous bugs through their body which they can pass on to other through skin contact. Upon infecting their target, the cells attacked by the bugs in that area will be destroyed and cause great pain to the victim. The clan members who use the Jutsu also possess the necessary antibodies to heal their victims. Should a comrade become infected, they can touch the damaged area and remove the poisonous bugs. Because the bugs spread through skin contact, the Clan members can remove clothing and disburse the bugs throughout their body, greatly increasing the surface area for possible infection.

Based On: Kikaichu no Jutsu

Users: Aburame Shikuro, Aburame Torune.

Classification Edit