Translation: Exploding Clay, Detonating Clay.

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: 100px-Nature Icon Earth.svg

Hand Seals: Ram/Half Tiger.

Rank: None.

Description: Kibaku Nendo is a Ninjutsu technique of the Akatsuki member Deidara utilizing the Earth Element. The art models can take the form of birds for flight and exploding seeker birds and spiders. Deidara possesses one mouth on the palm of each hand. Withdrawing a bit of clay from his pouch, one of the mouths can consume the clay, imbue it with his explosive chakra and fashion it into a creature. Deidara can then make the item bigger after forming the necessary hand seals. He will retain control over the item and can decide what actions the clay art will take.

Each piece of art will be infused with one of five explosive chakra types: C1, C2, C3 or C4. C1 is used in most of Deidara's smaller art pieces including spiders, centipedes and birds. C2 is used in his favorite attack, the C2 Dragon combo jutsu. C3 was seen in his most powerful large scale attack, his Speciality #18 Jutsu. And finally, C4 is seen in his most deadly attack, the microscopic bomb C4 Karura.

The bird shown here allows him to run recon over his target area. It is highly mobile and can allow him to drop other art on his targets below. He has various other bird types as well which can serve the same function. That of searching out an enemy and getting near enough to it for him to release the explosive seal Katsu (detonate) and cause detonation.

Based On: Doton no Jutsu.


Users: Deidara.

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