Translation: Wind Release • Rasengan.

Type: Ninjutsu.

Element: Element: 100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg

Hand Seals: None.

Rank: S+

Description: Futon • Rasengan is an original Ninjutsu created by Uzumaki Naruto, mixing Wind Element with the Rasengan, Naruto creates a shuriken-like Rasengan. The appearance of this technique is not so different from the original Rasengan, but the power is lots of times powerful.

To create it, Naruto needs the aid of two shadow clones and, in total, five hands to create it (his hand to release and spin the chakra, one clone to form the shell to maintain the sphere shape, and the other to mix the Wind-natured chakra). The concept of a completed Futon • Rasengan would be the rotation and power of the Rasengan, and Naruto's Wind-natured chakra condensed into a stable sphere.

Based on: Futon no Jutsu - Rasengan.


Users: Uzumaki Naruto.

Classification Edit