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Futon (Wind Release) are offensive type techniques that allow the user to manipulate wind. Though reportedly the rarest element, Futon no Jutsu seems to be common of ninja from Sunagakure. By manipulating one's wind-natured chakra, extremely powerful cutting-based attacks can be produced. Aside from being good for slicing, Futon is also good for shinobi who are close-to-mid-range fighters, and who favor brute strength. When Uzumaki Naruto suggests that it would be simpler to use a bladed weapon, Sarutobi Asuma demonstrates a wind-augmented weapon piercing through a tree and a rock, something the normal weapon would be incapable of. Wind techniques are used with the dragon hand seal.

When Naruto is training to manipulate his wind-natured chakra, he first learns how to cut a leaf in two using it. After that he works towards cutting a waterfall in half by producing enough chakra to temporarily halt the flow of Water. Achieveing this step means that Naruto had mastered his wind-natured chakra, and could now use it in real combat.

Wind is naturally strong against Lightning, but likewise, Wind is also naturally weak against a Fire. Wind also has a good relationship with Water; used together, a Wind/Water combo has quite the powerful concussive, offensive, destructive power. The Futon no Jutsu is seen used to add much more pressure to the Suiton no Jutsu, giving it more impact force.

Wind-natured chakra is a component in Advanced Nature Transformation, when combined with water-natured chakra, it creates the Hyoton (Ice Release).