Doton (Earth Release) are techniques that allow the user to manipulate their earth chakra-nature, enabling them to use the surrounding ground for offensive and defensive purposes. Earth techniques have the ability to change the hardness and composition of all objects. A person who masters this element can cause an object to be as solid as metal or soft as clay using these techniques.

The Doton no Jutsu is common among the ninja of Iwagakure, in the Land of Earth. Doton techniques are commonly affiliated with the snake hand seal.

Earth is naturally strong against Water, but likewise, is also naturally weak against Lightning. Earth Release also has a good relationship with Fire; used together, an Earth/Fire combo has quite the powerful explosive, offensive, destructive power.

Combined, Earth and Fire create Lava, an Advanced Nature Transformation can naturally blend the earth-natured chakra with the fire creating Yoton (Lava Release), unique from the Four-Tailed Monkey. It can also be blended with Water to produce Wood, unique to the First Hokage, although also used by Tenzo.