Translation: Red Secret Technique • Performance of the Hundred Puppets.

Type: Kugutsu/Ninjutsu.

Element: None.

Hand Seals: None.

Rank: S.

Description: Akahigi • Hyakki no Soen is a Ninjutsu technique used by puppet master Sasori that is said to have brought down a whole country. The skill of a puppet master is said to be proportional to the number of puppets they can manipulate at one time. In his puppet form, Sasori has been able to greatly increase the number of chakra strings he can emit from his body at one time. A normal puppet master like Chiyo limits herself to ten strings and puppets, focusing on quality over quantity. For Sasori, this technique goes for the brute force approach, seeking to overwhelm his opponent.

To start the technique, Sasori will remove the summoning scroll from his back. Opening his right chest compartment, he will emit approximately a hundred chakra strings to reach into the scroll and control the puppets. These puppets are former opponents of Sasori's who he has made into hitokugutsu puppets. This allows the puppets to retain the skills and abilities they used in life. For that reason many of the puppets will retain the weapons they once used.

Based on: Kugutsu no Jutsu - Hitokugutsu.

Users: Akasuna no Sasori.

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